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A New Economic Story - The Courageous State

2 December 2011

A week after the general strike, the author of The Courageous State,. Richard Murphy will be visiting Norwich to promote this timely book. He will be offering a sceptical accountant's view of the economy, and signing copies at a launch event to be held at The Workshop, 53 Earlham Road on Wednesday 7th December at 3pm.

Green Party Councillor Lesley Grahame said:
"We are delighted that Richard is joining us in Norwich. In tough times like these, his insights and alternatives are the best Christmas present anyone could have"

Murphy has previously spoken at both Occupy St Pauls and Occupy Norwich, and will do so again on Wedesday 7th December at 5pm, before joining the Robert Kett Memorial March. The march will leave the Occupy Norwich camp at the Haymarket at 5.30, and proceed to the Gate House of Norwich Castle, where Kett was hanged on 7th December 1549. His crime was leading a rebellion against poverty, injustice and the privatisation of the common land.

Richard Murphy said:
"We're facing a crisis in our economy, but you wouldn't know it if you listened to most politicians. A little tinkering at the edges will, they suggest, put Humpty Dumpty back on the wall again and the banks will be able to carry on as before. My book has three messages. First we don't want to put Humpty Dumpty banks back on the wall again, because it wasn't a lot of fun for most people when he was there. Second, we can't put him back again because the old economy was unsustainable, so we've got to change it. But most important, and thirdly, we don't need to put him back because there are real alternatives available to us now.

We can have a sustainable economy in which we have near full employment, the services we need, the banking we want, the security that's essential and a long term future for our children - but it means reclaiming the state for ordinary people, and not bankers, and putting finance back into an appropriate sized box so that real business and services that meet real need can flourish instead - and us with them. It's a big vision. It's a viable vision. It's the politics we need. It's the politics we haven't been offered for thirty years as banking, bankers and their demands suppressed all real political debate. It's a politics, a state, an economy and a world in which we can prosper, and as importantly, survive. It's the Courageous State."

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