Denise Carlo - City Councillor for Nelson Ward

Denise Carlo


Denise has represented Nelson ward since 2011. Denise has successfully campaigned for a 20mph speed limit on a number of Nelson streets and plans to continue this campaign until the whole ward has a 20mph limit. Denise has also fought for the right of residents to maintain grass tennis courts at Heigham Park and for a community group to look after the courts. She believes that the city council should use the money it plans to spend installing more modern tennis courts should be spent, instead, on maintaining children's playgrounds in other parts of the city.

Denise has been a staunch supporter of local shops at Earlham House, dealing with a number of issues to do with the building and its environs over the years. She is hoping that recent government legislation can be used to make the company that has been handing out harsh fines to shoppers act more responsibly.

On a city-wide level, Denise is keen to see Norwich take its fair share of action in the battle against climate change, consistent with the Paris Agreement. She has proposed motions to the city council to create a strategy to adapt to the effects climate change and to declare a climate emergency. Her work in this area has been very important. There is still much to be done to persuade the Labour administration of the importance of these issues.

Denise's background in planning and transport has been useful in her life as a city councillor. She has served on the council's Scrutiny and Planning committees, as well as committees dealing with transport and planning issues, Norwich Highways Agency Committee and the Sustainable Development Panel. 

Denise has lived in Nelson ward for 35 years, along with her husband and their cats.

Tel: (01603) 504563

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