Jamie Osborn - City Councillor for Mancroft Ward

Jamie Osborn

Jamie is a highly active campaigner for the city centre, which he wants to be a safe and pleasant place to live, now and for generations to come. He has helped residents submit their views on developments like Anglia Square and has successfully challenged developments that do not respect people's rights to a decent home, such as on Duke Street and Ber Street. As a member of the City Centre Safer Neighbourhood Action Panel, Jamie regularly talks to the police about residents' concerns. He has been working to ensure better use of CCTV, the installation of security doors in residential blocks and faster action on graffiti and fly-tipping.

Jamie listens to residents' views on parking and traffic and has campaigned to improve public transport and air quality. For example, he has called on the council to introduce car-free zones around schools so that children are protected from toxic air. Jamie believes that now, more than ever, we need young people in local politics as we face the massive threat of a climate emergency. Jamie has taken action to bring climate change to the top of the political agenda. He believes in local solutions to big problems and has been working hard to support initiatives that support the local economy in a sustainable way, such as Farmshare and Norwich Community Solar. 

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