Martin Schmierer - City Councillor for Mancroft Ward

Martin Schmierer

Martin grew up in Norwich and has lived here since 1994. In 2015 he was elected as councillor for Mancroft Ward and has represented the city centre since then. As a councillor, he has worked to make streets safer by working with the police to tackle anti-social behaviour and drug use. He also led the Green Party's campaign to stop the spread of gambling venues in deprived areas of the city and has a proven track record of standing up to certain big developers whose proposals could have ruined parts of Norwich's historic centre.

Martin says:

"It has been a pleasure to represent the people of Mancroft Ward for the last 4 years and work with residents to get so many things done, from stopping inappropriate developments being constructed to fixing those little things, like street lights and pot holes that make such a big difference to people's lives."

"I want to continue to tackle the issue of inequality in our city centre and make life better for everyone who lives here. I am delighted to by a member of the Green Party, who have consistently worked hard to build a fairer, more sustainable society in Norwich."

Before getting involved in party politics, Martin researched the role local government played on public health in Liverpool, Manchester and Glasgow.

In his free time, Martin enjoys going to the cinema, cooking and taking walks in the Norfolk countryside. He is an avid Norwich City fan.

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