Get Involved With Norwich Green Party

Volunteering with Norwich Green Party

Without the support of our team of volunteers, Norwich Green Party would never have become one of the strongest Green Parties in the region.  To continue to hold the councils to account and win local representation, we are always on the look out for more volunteers.

Our campaigns are built by volunteers with different backgrounds, skills and amounts of spare time.

  • Could you join a team that will deliver some newsletters or talk to people about key issues?
  • Perhaps you have a professional skill you could offer such as design work or knowledge about a key policy area?
  • Maybe you would like to learn some new skills while helping with the election?
  • Are you interested in photography and would like to add to your portfolio?

If you have a couple of hours to spare and want to get involved, please email our volunteers coordinator, Tim Jones at We will be reply within a week or so.

Alternatively, use the form below, but please note that responses to the volunteering form may be slower.

Volunteering form

Helping in your local community by delivering a few leaflets or chatting with voters on the doorstep will make a real difference to getting more Greens elected.

Sign up below to get started.

You will receive a confirmation link by email. Please look out for this and if you don’t receive it then check your spam folder or email

You will receive a confirmation link in an email which you will need to respond to in order to be added to the volunteers list. Please look out for this confirmation email and if you don’t receive it then please check your spam folder.

If you are unable to volunteer then consider making a donation to help provide the funds that make everything else possible.