Brother of US presidential hopeful to address NHS rally in Norwich

24 February 2017

Activists from a variety of groups and political parties will be attending a demonstration in Norwich city centre on Saturday for a protest, organised by the NHS Norfolk Action Group, against NHS cuts.

Among the speakers is Larry Sanders (brother of last year's Democratic presidential hopeful, Bernie Sanders) who is currently the Green Party's health spokesperson.

There will be music, a march through the city centre and a rally outside St Peter Mancroft Church, starting at 11am.

Protesters are particularly concerned about the recent Sustainable Transformation Plan proposals, which they fear will cut the number of frontline NHS services in Norfolk.

Recent analysis by the BBC found that hospital services in nearly two-thirds of England could be cut or scaled back as a result of these local plans, which has angered many across the country.

The Green Party's health spokesman, Larry Sanders said:

"There is an enormous danger of profiteering in a privatised healthcare system, it has devastated the American system.

"The Green Party of England and Wales will work with all those in any political party and none who believe we can and should take care of each other in our times of greatest need.
Our financial shortfall is because we spend less than our European counterparts. There is no acceptable reason for this."

Another of the speakers, Lesley Grahame, a Green Party councillor and district nurse is expected to echo this saying:

"The NHS doesn't guarantee happiness but it helps all of us, all of the time.

"When you're well, you don't have to worry about being ill and abandoned, or about healthcare bills. When you're ill you will receive care given by professionals combining skill with compassion, and based on your need, not your income."

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