Climate Changes Our Coastline

26 October 2018

The Committee on Climate Change has released a report which investigates the long-term challenges of managing England’s coastline as it is altered by climate change. 

Green councillors in Norwich are concerned that low-lying areas in Norfolk will be particularly affected by rising sea-levels and coastal erosion.

Councillor Denise Carlo said:

“The report has found that the effect of climate change on coastal communities is ‘not being confronted with the required urgency or openness’. A long-term commitment, and immediate action, are necessary if we want to protect Norfolk and Norwich from the ravages of climate change over the next few decades. City leaders need to look ahead and act swiftly to make this a liveable place for today’s children.”

The CCC report found that sustainable coastal adaptation is possible and could deliver multiple benefits. 

Green Party Councillor for Thorpe Hamlet, Jo Henderson said “Norwich needs the right kind of investment in order to thrive in a future where things are going to look very different.”



The Committee on Climate Change report,Managing the coast in a changing climatecan be found here:

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