St Peter’s Holds the Key to Affordable Housing

29 October 2018

Paul Neale said:

“The developers – The Interesting Building Company – could make a large profit out of this project, while current residents’ quality of life gets worse and the city loses out by not getting the level of affordable housing it should. We want better than that for Norwich.

“Norwich needs more affordable housing, but the developers of this project are offering less than 1% of their obligation. It’s vital that national planning guidelines are not undermined by this appeal. The St Peter’s project needs to be rejected at all levels so that this city and others can build the affordable housing that is needed.”

Nelson ward councillor, Denise Carlo, added:

“I can’t believe a precedent could be set which would allow developers to get away with not paying decent contributions towards affordable housing when there is a worsening homelessness crisis in Norwich.”

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