Norwich’s Highways Agency Agreement Should Be Renewed

14 February 2019

Green councillors in Norwich are backing a recommendation to the city council’s cabinet asking Norfolk County Council to reconsider its decision not to renew the Norwich Highways Agency Agreement.

Councillor Denise Carlo, a Green councillor and non-voting member of NHAC said:

“City and county councillors have worked together well on the Norwich Highways Agency Committee for a number of years. City councillors bring detailed knowledge of the parts of the city they represent and they know the specific needs of city residents. As a local councillor, much of my casework relates to our highways – from the condition of roads, parking, safe walking and cycling to planting trees in residential areas and cleaning gutters and drains. It’s helpful for all these things to be looked after at the same time, by the same people. The alternative is inefficient. On behalf of the residents I represent, I hope that the county council will decide to renew the Norwich Highways Agency Committee.”

Councillor Carlo continued:

“The transport needs of the city are quite different to those of rural parts of Norfolk, yet many people who live in the county rely on the city for work and recreation. It’s vital for everyone who uses the city, that Norwich’s needs are adequately provided for. It’s useful for the city to be able to apply for funding – often in competition with other cities, to make this happen.”

Councillor Carlo will be attending the cabinet meeting of Norwich City Council on13th February, where it is likely that a decision will be made to ask Norfolk County Council to renew the Norwich Highways Agency Agreement.



The cabinet meeting agenda and associated reports, including that on the Norwich Highways Agency Agreement can be found here:

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