Net zero by 2050? A step in the right direction

12 June 2019

Norwich Green Party councillors have welcomed the principle of putting into law a target for net zero carbon emissions (1), but warn that 2050 as a target year is too late, and have urged Norwich City Council to set a more ambitious programme for emissions-cutting.

Jamie Osborn, Green Party councillor for Mancroft Ward said:

“Theresa May’s announcement today shows that political will is starting to shift towards action on climate change, but it is nowhere near fast enough. With the United Nations panel on climate change saying we have less than twelve years to prevent climate breakdown, we have to be aiming for net zero carbon much sooner than 2050.”

Greens say that a net zero target should prompt local Councils to demand powers and resources from Westminster to ensure Norfolk becomes carbon neutral by 2030.

Jamie Osborn added:

“There are also actions that can be taken now within Norwich City Council’s current activities. All new developments, including Anglia Square, must be built as low-carbon; the Council’s Economic Strategy must include specific objectives to cut emissions from businesses and invest in the green economy and the Council has to prioritise sustainable transport and not spend money on ecologically destructive new roads like the Norwich Western Link.”

He went on to say,

“If put into effect, the new net zero target would result in a higher quality of life for everyone, with better housing, public transport, food and air quality. But we need to act now not in 30 years time. The longer we put off these necessary climate-saving actions, the greater the cost and the loss of life globally will be.”


Note (1) 'Climate Change: UK government to commit to 2050 target', 12 June 2019,

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