The Hottest Ever July Day

25 July 2019

As the Met Office declares today the hottest ever July day, Green councillors are more concerned than ever about rising temperatures and the way they will affect people in Norwich and beyond.

Leader of the Green Party Group at City Hall, Councillor Martin Schmierer, said:

“Extreme weather, like that we’re experiencing today, is only going to get worse unless we take urgent action to tackle climate change. Higher temperatures might be welcome in the UK but they become highly dangerous to those living in traditionally warmer countries further south. I hope that all our governments (local and national) realise that urgent action is needed to tackle the biggest issue facing our species today, namely, the threat of impending climate chaos.”

Greens noted the irony of high temperatures being recorded at Heathrow, where plans for airport expansion would worsen global warming, making unacceptably hot days far more common.

Councillor Denise Carlo, local Green Party spokesperson for transport, said:

“Just one return flight from London to New York produces a greater carbon footprint than the safe allowance for an individual.  If we carry on flying, we’ll heat the planet quicker; If people think this is hot with a one degree rise in global temperature, imagine what the three to four degree rise we’re on track for would be like.”

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