Council Budgets Should Be Spent On Community Projects

25 February 2020

Green councillors in Norwich are calling for local residents to have a greater say in the way money is spent across the city. Greens would allocate £5 000 to each of Norwich’s thirteen wards so that people can have some influence over what the council spends its budget on where they live. Many councils around the country operate a system of ward budgets which enable residents to make improvements to their areas such as replacing street signs, repairing community facilities or holding events to bring people together.

Nelson ward councillor, Paul Neale, said:

“Greens are always aiming to make the council more democratic and responsive to residents. We want people to have a say in how money is spent in their areas. Spending on projects that people don’t want just wastes it. At Heigham Park, in my ward, residents’ wishes have been ignored as the Labour-run council has continued with plans to turn grass tennis courts into hard courts, even though a community group would like to maintain the grass courts. We know that different things are needed in different parts of the city; residents in one area might choose to put £5 000 towards CCTV while elsewhere people might choose to spend it on improvements to a park or a playing field.”

Norwich city councillors will meet on Tuesday evening to agree the council’s budget for the coming year as votes are cast by the 27 Labour councillors, 9 Greens and 3 Liberal Democrats. The Green group has put an amendment to the Labour council’s budget which calls for more citizen participation and democratic decision-making as well as improving security in areas affected by drug use and anti-social behaviour and prioritising tackling climate change.



The Green Group will be putting the following amendment to Norwich City Council’s budget for 2020 - 2021:

Item 6 - The council’s 2020-21 budget and Medium term Financial Strategy

Councillor Bogelein to move and Councillor Osborn to second the following amendment:-


To reduce the following budget items:-


From revenue expenditure:





Cut Citizen magazine to one edition per year

£  30 000

Lower contribution to general reserves


From capital expenditure:

Cancel the upgrade to Heigham Park tennis courts

£  90 000



£115 000


£235 000


To increase the following budget items:-


From revenue expenditure:

Additional monitoring of CCTV in the city


From general reserves:

Climate Emergency Officer (three month fixed term contract)

Citizens’ Assembly on the Environmental and Climate Emergencies


From capital expenditure:

Four re-deployable CCTV cameras

One-off capital budget of £5 000 per ward


£ 30 000



£ 20 000

£ 70 000



£  50 000

£  65 000





£235 000

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