Big Lunch goes ahead during the lockdown to bring people together

3 June 2020


Big Lunch goes on the doorstep

Resourceful residents can find ways to share lunch with their neighbours without leaving home. Planned for Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th June, this year’s The Big Lunch, supported by the Eden Project and the National Lottery, will encourage people to embrace community spirit while socially distancing.

“It’s a really good way of bringing communities together, especially when we have to keep our distance” says Jade Batterham from Thorpe Hamlet

Green Party Councillor, Lesley Grahame, is a long-standing supporter of The Big Lunch and will be joining in the weekend’s activities said:

"I look forward to sharing the Big Lunch podcasts and encouraging everyone I know to get to know their neighbours a bit better, especially now they may have met more by clapping the NHS. Never mind that we can't share food this year, we can make it really easy. 

All you need to do is agree a time over the weekend to bring your lunch or just your cuppa to the doorstep. Any extras are nice but not essential, like bunting, music, socially distant games, dressing up or a theme, such as rainbows.

“The idea is to hold a street party without the need for a royal wedding, to bring people together and strengthen communities and their ability to deal with the challenges they currently face together.”

The Big Lunch was first seen in Norwich at The Forum in 2010, extending, in 2011, to Muspole Street and King Street, where it was taken up by the developing community group now called the King Street Neighbours. The Grapes Hill Community Garden has also hosted several successful events from 2013. 

Left: Jade Batterham, new to Big Lunch

Right: Councillor Lesley Grahame, veteran supporter


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