Councillor Sandra Bogelein selected as New Green Leader

9 June 2020

Councillor Sandra Bogelein selected as New Green Leader

The Green Party Group on Norwich City Council has elected Mancroft ward councillor, Sandra Bogelein as its new leader. Thirty-five year old Sandra is a social psychologist and lives with her partner and two young sons in the west of the city. She has taken up running and enjoys watching German soap operas, but is happiest spending time outdoors with her family.


Sandra, who is in her second term as a city councillor, is keen to see changes in the city which will lead to Norwich reducing its environmental impact and becoming more resilient and fit for the future in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak.


Councillor Bogelein stated:

“I would like to thank Martin Schmierer for the fantastic work he has done as the Green Group leader over the last two years. I am very excited to be working with a group of Green councillors who work so hard for their residents and share a positive vision of the future.


“This is not an easy time for any of us. Norwich is facing the challenge of recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic as well as avoiding a second peak of the disease, and Norwich City Council will play a crucial role in this. As the opposition on the council, Greens want to make sure that this recovery means a step into a better future. It would be a big mistake to pour lots of money into getting back to business as usual. From here on, we can create a kinder and more sustainable city. The Greens will be highlighting opportunities to transition into a more sustainable economy, where we rely on local produce and local businesses and invest in sustainable technologies and the building of houses that are fit for the future. We also need to radically re-imagine our transport system, to make sure we create a city that encourages walking, cycling and e-scooters, so we can all enjoy clean air and better health. ‘We must also make sure that we look after our most vulnerable residents. We cannot accept that the Government plans to stop the additional funding for homeless people as soon as the immediate Covid-19 threat decreases.’


“In addition, I want to make sure that the council is more transparent and can be more easily held to account. People need to know what public money is spent on, so the Labour council should discuss decisions and mistakes openly and involve residents much more in local decision making.

Then there is the issue of safety, a big topic especially in the city centre. I will continue to push the council to do more to prevent anti-social behaviour and crime which really affects the lives of many residents. This is closely related to the problem of drug addiction and I will continue to campaign for changes in drug policies that recognise addiction as a health and mental health problem. The government needs to offer help rather than prosecution for those who suffer from addiction.


“Finally, as I have two young boys, I know how much residents of all ages rely on the city’s events and outdoor spaces, they are such a special part of Norwich. I don’t know what we would do without our fantastic parks and green spaces. We need to keep and improve them for Norwich residents and I think we should be looking at providing more spaces for our young people, where they can meet, exercise and be an integral part of Norwich’s rich culture.”


Sandra will be supported by her fellow Mancroft-ward councillor, Jamie Osborn who has been elected as the Green Group’s Deputy Leader.


Further information:

Councillor Sandra Bogelein     07506 761124   

Councillor Jamie Osborn         07975 881585   



The Green Party Group on Norwich City Council forms the council’s main opposition and consists of eight councillors.


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