Traffic Transformation called for at Railway Station

13 July 2020

Traffic Transformation called for at Railway Station


Thorpe Hamlet Green Party city councillors have welcomed a scheme for improving pedestrian, cycle and bus access to Norwich. However, they say that a more comprehensive design is needed to make the traffic-blighted junction between Foundry Bridge and the railway station safer and more pleasant to use.

The county council’s Transforming Cities bid will be rubber stamped by councillors at a meeting on Tuesday 14th July and includes a scheme for a Norwich Rail Station Mobility Hub at a cost of nearly £2.5 million, with more space and simpler crossing arrangements for pedestrians at Foundry Bridge, better access for cyclists and  improved bus facilities at the station.

Councillor Ben Price who has campaigned for many years for pedestrian safety and air quality improvements in this location said:

“Creating more space for pedestrians at Foundry Bridge junction has to be a top priority and it has been given added urgency by the need for social distancing.  However, I would like to see a more comprehensive solution for tackling pedestrian safety, traffic volumes, speed and poor air quality on all four arms of this junction. Local residents have brought up these problems time and again, and I want to see a really creative answer which solves them, not just more tinkering around the edges.”

Currently, pedestrians, including parents with pushchairs, people using mobility scooters and travellers arriving with suitcases have to crowd together on the narrow paths. Thorpe railway station is cut off by traffic for much of the day and the clogged junction straddling the River Wensum provides an unattractive gateway to the city for rail travellers. Air quality is poor and Riverside Road, in particular, has very high levels of nitrogen dioxide, even breaching EU limits.

Councillor Price added:

“I would like the county and city councils to consider more imaginative transport solutions to create a system in the city that works for all. I’m disappointed by the lack of action from county councillors in this area so far and will spend more time focussing on traffic and transport issues with the county council moving forward.


“Poor design of the roads around the retail centre at Riverside has added to congestion around the railway station and I hope that the new East Norwich Partnership will take the opportunity to be more creative in new development and not make the same mistakes again.”

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