Norwich could be UK’s first zero-emissions transport city

31 July 2020

Norwich could be UK’s first zero-emissions transport city

Norwich should grasp the opportunity to become the first city to create a flagship zero-emission transport system, with extensive bike lanes and a zero emissions bus fleet, and funding to go with them, say Norwich Green Party councillors.   


The proposal to create a zero emission  transport system in at least one small or medium-sized city  is one of the most eye-catching initiatives planned in the Government's new 'Gear Change: A Bold Vision for Cycling and Walking', which was published on Monday. It calls for a walking and cycling revolution to improve people's health, clean up air pollution and reduce carbon emissions. (1)  


Shadow Transport spokesperson on Norwich City Council, Councillor Denise Carlo said:


“As a medium-sized ,compact historic city where there is already a high percentage of journeys by foot and cycle and plans for 5,000 new homes next to the city centre at the former Colman's site, Norwich is well placed to make a strong pitch for a zero-carbon transport project.”     


More generally, the 'Gear Change' plan advocates a future where half of all journeys in towns and cities are cycled or walked. It highlights the fact that 40% of journeys in 2017-18 were under 2 miles and many of these short trips could be made by foot or cycle. (2)  The report envisages thousands of miles of high quality main road cycle routes, low traffic neighbourhoods with plans for a new 'Active Travel England' inspectorate to raise standards and grade highways authorities on their performance on active travel.     


Councillor Jamie Osborn, Deputy Leader of the City Council Green Group said:  

We welcome the Government's recognition of the need to seize the moment in the Covid-19 era and transform the way we travel. We hope that our local councils in Norfolk will act urgently to improve air quality, people’s health, and access to employment and leisure through clean and safe ways to travel.”      


Further information:

Councillor Denise Carlo               01603 504563                      

Councillor Jamie Osborn             07975 881585                      



The Green Party Group on Norwich City Council forms the council’s main opposition and consists of eight councillors.

1)   Depart. for Transport: Gear Change: A Bold Vision for Cycling and Walking,  pub. 27 July.

The report's 4 main themes are:

●        better streets for cycling and people

●        cycling and walking at the heart of decision-making

●        empowering and encouraging local authorities

●        enabling people to cycle and protecting them when they do.

The proposal for a zero-emission transport system in at least one small or medium-sized city is on page 19.        

2)  page 11 of ‘Gear Change’ report.



Cllr Jamie Osborn

Mancroft Ward (Green Party)

07975 881585


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