Green Party Councillors Call for a Tall Building Plan for Norwich

27 November 2020

Green Party Councillors Call for a Tall Building Plan for Norwich

At last night’s council meeting, Green Party councillor Martin Schmierer called on the council to adopt a tall buildings plan which he said would protect Norwich’s cultural and heritage assets and save Norwich’s iconic skyline. 

It follows the Secretary of State’s decision to reject the controversial proposals to redevelop Anglia Square which would have seen a 20-storey tower built among other large buildings. The proposals were rejected partly on grounds of height and massing which would have been inconsistent with the historic nature of Norwich’s city centre [1]. 

Other cities such as Leeds have adopted similar plans and it is something supported by Historic England, who were one of the organisations who objected to the Anglia Square proposals [2].

However, Labour cabinet member, Mike Stonard rejected the idea of such a plan saying he is yet “to be convinced that this is the correct approach for Norwich” and instead pointed to City Centre Conservation Area Appraisal which is set to be updated in the coming year. He said: “This will present an opportunity to amend policies relating to building height and views.” 

However, Councillor Schmierer responded by questioning whether Norwich’s architectural and cultural heritage would be safe, if such a tall building plan was not implemented. 

The Mancroft councillor, who represents the Anglia Square area, said: “Sadly, too often our history is trampled upon in the pursuit of over-development and quick profits. Norwich is one of, if not, the most complete medieval cities in England, with a plethora of historic treasures, from our churches and cathedrals to our guildhall and castle. We cannot risk them being overshadowed because of an unnecessary race to the skies, with ever higher and bigger buildings around them. I would urge the administration at City Hall to reconsider their stance regarding a tall building plan for Norwich.”


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