Green Jobs for Norwich

30 November 2020

Green Jobs for Norwich


Norwich City Council unanimously agreed on a proposal to support more local food production, insulating houses, and more local renewable energy last week, following an initiative from Green Party councillors. But the Green Party have also pointed out that the council’s plans still lack clarity and could be “mere words” since Labour councillors voted to remove any target dates from the plan.


Councillor Jamie Osborn put a motion to the council calling for a new approach to the Norwich economy, saying that investing to stop the environmental crisis could be an opportunity to provide better jobs and a better quality of life for residents now and in the future.


The council agreed to support a range of vital actions including access to training for employees in industries which will be needed less in the future such as aviation, work with local chemical manufacturers to evaluate their impact on biodiversity and the health of people in Norwich, and supporting local production of renewable energy, including supporting innovative infrastructure for a decentralised grid and peer to peer trading.


Labour councillors, however, voted against setting science-based targets for carbon reductions, and also voted against establishing a regional Citizens' Assembly to provide direct input from ordinary people into economic and political planning.


Councillor Jamie Osborn said:

"At a time of rising poverty and job losses for many people, we urgently need a coordinated kickstart of the economy. Investing in jobs that would reduce carbon emissions and restore wildlife is one of the best ways of doing that. I'm delighted that Norwich City Council have committed to that principle.


"But it was disappointing that Labour councillors voted against rigorous targets, which are needed to hold the council to account. Furthermore, it is vital that ordinary people get a say in decisions about how we get to zero-carbon, which is why the Green Party proposed a Citizens' Assembly which Labour sadly rejected."


Councillor Nannette Youssef, who seconded the motion last Tuesday evening, said:

"The council needs to realise that the world is going to change. It's better to look ahead and try to influence the way that change happens, by adapting now to where climate change and coronavirus are leading us."


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A recording of the council meeting on Tuesday 24th November 2020 can be found here, with the debate on the motion Transitioning to a more sustainable Norwich economy beginning at 1.19: (70) 24 November 2020 Meeting Of Full Council Norwich City Council - YouTube

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