Make Your Backyard a Great Space for Wildlife

24 December 2020

Make Your Backyard a Great Space for Wildlife

A Norwich Greener Spaces Campaign is being launched by Norwich Green Party members hoping to improve large and small green spaces in our city for people and for wildlife. The Norwich Green Party guide to enriching biodiversity where you live has suggestions for six simple things we can do to encourage wildlife. If you'd like a copy, contact Kate Thomson at


Councillor Sandra Bogelein said:

"Whether you have a garden, a grass verge, an allotment, or just a couple of pots, you can join in this campaign to create corridors for wildlife across the city. As a parent of young children, I'm very excited by people all across the city making places a little wilder, healthier and more natural. Leaving a pool of water or a pile of logs in your garden can help small birds and animals, and it's important not to use synthetic pesticides."


As part of their campaign, the Green Party members will be supporting community projects with similar aims. One such venture is a community garden project at James Stuart Gardens on Recorder Road. The gardens were laid out in 1922 as a memorial to James Stuart of Carrow Abbey and are nearing their centenary in 2022.


Ben Price, Green Party city councillor for Thorpe Hamlet ward said:

"James Stuart Gardens is the perfect place for a community gardening project where young and old can work together, getting to know each other more and feeling safer and more connected to the place where they live. I've contacted the city council, the local police and the new Charles Darwin Academy, which would benefit from more outdoor space. I know the school is keen to make the most of this opportunity to enhance their children's educational experience."



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