Green Councillor celebrates historic nuclear treaty

21 January 2021

Green Councillor celebrates historic nuclear treaty


The Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW) will officially become international law on January 22nd, as 51 states have ratified the treaty.  This is being celbrated around the world with socially distanced and online events.


The UK has 215 nuclear warheads and has so far refused to join the multi-lateral negotiations. 


Norwich City Council is one of 8002 cities committed to protect their citizens by supporting the abolition of nuclear weapons by adding Mayor for Peace to the role of Lord Mayor.  In 2019 City council affirmed this committment through a motion passed unanimously and calling on the UK Government to engage in this multilateral disarmament process at the United Nations, rather than seeking to actively ignore it. It was proposed by Green Party Councillor Lesley Grahame and seconded by the Labour Leader of Norwich City Council, Councillor Alan Waters, and supported by the Liberal Democrats.

Councillor Grahame said:

“Those willing to consider disarmament if others do too, have been put to the test by the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons as it does not require unilateral disarmament"


So far, the UK has not taken part in the negotiation of the treaty and does not yet intend to sign it, so the treaty will not be binding on the UK, which will spend £205 billion on replacing its Trident nuclear weapons system. Covid 19 highlights the long term underfunding and neglect of services that keep people safe.   



In Norwich Jenn Parkhouse and Lesley Grahame  will march singly with banners over the Grapes Hill Bridge, past the Peace Statue


Associate Priest Revd Dr Fiona Haworth will welcome the banner's arrival at 12 midday  at St Peter Mancroft Church, Millenium Plain.

All are welcome - alone or with their household, to take selfies with the banner and share on social media. All are strongly advised to do so only as part of  their exercise or essential trip. But anyone, anywhere can make a poster for a selfie and put their posters in a window to spread the word that nuclear weapons are illegal.


Contact: Lesley Grahame 07711 298214

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