Greens Encourage Gritting of Pavements

12 February 2021

Greens Encourage Gritting of Pavements


Green Party councillors and members are encouraging residents to help each other by spreading grit on potentially dangerous pavements in the city. During the recent spells of snow and ice, residents from around the city have highlighted the need for more gritting of pavements, as well as roads.


Ash Haynes, city council candidate for Thorpe Hamlet ward, said:

"I've been contacted by residents who have found it difficult to walk around the city on icy pavements over the last few days. Pavements are particularly hazardous for older people and for young children. With two small children myself, I understand how difficult it is to push prams and buggies around the city at the best of times. Gritting pavements needs to be a priority to make pedestrians safe.


"I am aware that groups of local people have organised gritting sessions themselves in some parts of the city, which is brilliant. I'd like to encourage residents in the Thorpe Hamlet area to take a small container's worth of grit out of a grit bin as they pass and scatter it on a pavement that has not been gritted. This is something we can all do to help others."


Councillor Ben Price added that

"It's frustrating to hear of NHS workers living near Gas Hill who haven't been able to leave home safely to get to work. Gritting of small, treacherous streets and pavements needs to be carefully considered by the county council."


Gritting roads and pavements is the responsibility of Norfolk County Council. However, the county council encourages residents to clear snow and ice themselves. Members of the public can use the grit bins found around the city and winter gritting salt is available to buy at Norfolk's Recycling Centres.



Further information from

Councillor Ben Price                                                   



1. Winter gritting ( Norfolk County Council Map showing the location of grit bins for use by the public.

2. Gritting - Norfolk County Council Information about the gritting of pavements, cycle paths and roads by Norfolk County Council.

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