Greens emphasise further opportunities for retrofitting

18 February 2021

Greens emphasise further opportunities for retrofitting

Green councillors have welcomed the allocation of £1.5million for retrofitting and energy efficiency measures in Norwich but say that this money is not enough to meet the scale of the climate emergency. Greens are urging Norwich City Council to actively seek out further sources of funding to scale-up retrofitting in the local economy.

Green councillor Jamie Osborn said, "This money for improving energy efficiency and access to renewable energy across a range of buildings is very welcome. Changing the way we heat, light and insulate homes and workplaces is essential if we are to meet climate change targets, and also provides benefits for health and a boost to the local economy.

"However, the money provided by the Government will not go anywhere near far enough. It will enable insulating only a few dozen homes and installing a handful of new domestic solar panels, but we need to be retrofitting thousands of homes each year, not dozens.

"Green councillors are calling on the city council to proactively explore further opportunities to find funding for energy efficiency and renewable energy investments. For example, other councils are pioneering the use of Community Municipal Investment Bonds which can raise finance while also providing a return to the economy, and are actively involving local businesses in identifying more opportunities in citywide retrofitting strategies.

“The city council needs to be leading a citywide effort to gain more funding for energy efficiency so that we are not only reliant on inadequate and sporadic Government programmes.”

Greens have also pointed out that the city council’s own carbon emissions make up less than 2% of the total city’s emissions and so the council must do more to lead a citywide carbon reduction plan. 


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