Greens Ask for Safe Playgrounds

23 February 2021

Greens Ask for Safe Playgrounds

At this evening's meeting of Norwich City Council, Green councillors will put forward budget amendments, including one to replace the sand in the children's play area near Douro Place in West Pottergate.

Douro Place play area

Broken glass and other potentially dangerous items have been found in the sand on a number of occasions, making the playground an unsafe place for children to play. Local residents reported the dangers in 2019 when they checked the area twice a day for a month, recording what they found in the sand. The results of the survey were passed on to the city council, with the support of Councillor Denise Carlo who persuaded the local authority to agree to replace the sand with a safer surface.


Councillor Carlo said, today:

"The council has taken no action to replace this dangerous surface, despite having agreed to do so in November 2019. Green councillors shouldn't have to table a budget amendment to make sure this kind of essential maintenance is carried out and local residents shouldn't have to put up with unsafe play areas for children for such a long time. We hope that Labour councillors will accept this budget amendment, which is only necessary because of the council's inefficiency. Parents will then be able to take children to their local playground without having to worry about their safety."


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