Greens select Martin Schmierer as Police and Crime Commissioner candidate

8 March 2021


Greens select Martin Schmierer as Police and Crime Commissioner candidate


Councillor Martin Schmierer, has been selected by the Green Party as their candidate for the post of Norfolk Police and Crime Commissioner in this May’s election. If elected, he has promised to use the role to look into tackling the root causes of crime.


He has been a city councillor in Norwich for six years, during which time he has served as leader of the opposition on the council and, from 2018-19, as Lord Mayor of Norwich.


Councillor Schmierer said:

“I understand how crime and anti-social behaviour blights people’s lives. As someone who grew up in Norwich and currently lives in the city centre - an area which has a disproportionately large amount of crime – I sadly see first hand everything from graffiti-ing and flytipping to drug dealing.


“A decade of cuts to social services, local councils and the police force have sadly meant that the residents I have spoken to over the last few years feel more unsafe than ever before.


“One of the reasons I am standing is to highlight how the police cannot simply arrest their way out of the problems they are facing. We need a fundamental change in approach from national government to deal with the underlying causes of crime. There is clear evidence to show that rates of violence are higher in more unequal societies. A Green Party Police and Crime Commissioner would be a powerful voice calling for a more holistic approach to policing and crime prevention.


“When elected at local or national level, Green Party politicians have a strong track record of working hard for their communities and standing up for the most disadvantaged in the community. I hope that come the election in May, I will be able to continue that tradition.”Cllr Martin Schmierer





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