Green Statement in Support of Unions

31 March 2021


Green Statement in Support of Unions

As workers threaten strike action over their terms and conditions of work when they transfer from Norse to Norwich City Services Limited, Councillor Paul Neale makes the following statement on behalf of Green Party councillors.


"The staff who keep our parks clean, and maintain communal spaces are key workers and we expect them to be treated as such. These services and the staff who provide them are now being brought back in house as part of a company called NCSL (Norwich City Services Ltd). The Labour administration keeps talking about a one council approach, but they can't just change the meaning whenever it suits them. A one council approach means that at some point in the near future, holiday, pay and sick leave arrangements need to be at the same level for employees of NCSL as they are for employees of Norwich City Council. The fact that a pathway to harmonise terms and conditions has not been provided and committed to is a clear lack of leadership from the Labour administration.


"There are shocking double standards here from the Labour councillors. On the one hand they say they are unable to provide any commitment to the frontline staff due to uncertainty about the finances of this new company. But at the same time, they are offering the Managing Director of that same company massively better conditions in terms of pension, increased holiday and likely sick leave, on top of a high salary. It seems that Labour councillors are applying one rule to those at the top, and another to those on the frontline.

"Green Party councillors have repeatedly warned that despite having had nearly three years to plan for the transfer of staff and working practices, Labour councillors delayed and only started meetings about the process less than a year ago. Their flippant attitude, lack of preparation, and double standards now mean that key workers are being unfairly treated and the council risks a major scandal if there is a strike impacting ground maintenance and other vital services. The staff who give so much to keep our city fine deserve better."


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