County Council Elections 2021 - Norwich Green Party

2 April 2021

County Council Elections 2021 - Norwich Green Party                                        

The Green Party of England and Wales is pledging to build a Green Recovery in every community across the country.


Here in Norwich and Norfolk, we would like Norfolk County Council to adopt these priorities:



1. Green Jobs

There is a need for the retrofitting of houses to lower their carbon consumption and make them more resilient to our changing climate. The installation of solar panels, insulation and air source heat pumps could create thousands of jobs across Norfolk. Building new homes to the highest possible environmental standards would require more skilled workers. Funding is also needed for more people to work in the care sector and opportunities must be taken to support skilled technical industries, for example building electric cars and smart systems which will lower our fuel consumption.


2. Universal Basic Income

In the wake of the pandemic, more than ever, a universal basic income is needed to support people whose incomes have been affected in a fair way that the available grants have not managed. UBI would give everyone the security to follow their interests and create careers and lives in ways that interest them. In London, Sian Berry is advocating a creative autonomy allowance for young people who want to work in creative industries.


3. A Carbon Budget

The county council should measure the carbon cost of all its activities as a first step to cutting the amount of carbon it is responsible for releasing. Scientific analysis of this data could lead to some quick reductions in the council's carbon output.


4. Responsible Waste Disposal Without


None of the county's waste should be incinerated. Greens would radically overhaul the waste disposal system, cutting waste at source and providing re-use and repair facilities at every recycling centre in Norfolk. Some inorganic waste that could not be dealt with in other ways could be sent to landfill as this is less harmful than incineration.


5. Traffic-free Clean Air Zones Outside Schools

Clean air is vital for children growing up healthily. Every child should also have a safe journey to school. A county-wide travel plan for schools is necessary. New schools should be built away from main roads.


6. No New Road Building

Greens would prioritise improving public transport systems and making buses cleaner through the use of hydrogen as fuel. A key Green principle is to not support the building of any new large roads, such as a Norwich Western Link Road, saving the money that would be wasted on such a vanity project, while protecting Norfolk's unique wildlife. New roads cannot be built if we are to meet C02 emissions targets.


7. Additional Funding for Adult Social Services

to Combat Drug Abuse

Drug addiction should be treated as a health issue, not a criminal offence. Safer consumption rooms should be supported, alongside other measures to help individuals with complex needs.


8. Mental Health

Positive mental health should be nurtured through communities. Community garden projects and play streets would be funded and organised by Greens to boost the wellbeing of local residents.

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