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City Council Manifesto 2016


Here are links to the Manifestos from each local election. To find details of our national party manifesto and policy, please go to

2018 Manifesto

2017 Manifesto (County Council)

2016 Manifesto

2015 Manifesto 

2014 Manifesto 

2013 Manifesto (County Council) 




Rule Your Council Leaflet

The Norwich Green Party Rule Your Council Guide

In the Green Party we strongly believe in real democracy and think every resident should have the tools and knowledge to be able to influence local policy making and decisions.

Democracy isn't just about elections. In this guide we aim to tell you about some of the more direct ways you can influence decisions that affect you..





Statement on Scrutiny

Statement on Scrutiny

The Green Party Group on Norwich City Council wishes to state our dissatisfaction with the so-called scrutiny process that was undertaken on the issue of the pink pedalway on 17th March.