Climate Action in Norwich

It is imperative that we reduce carbon emissions in order to slow the rate of Global Warming. There are lots of things we can do, and even more things we can stop doing. Listed here are some of the things happening in Norwich

What we’re thinking

  • Motion for the Ocean
    A motion for the Ocean Norfolk’s wildlife, habitats and ecosystems are vitally important to us and futuregenerations, enhancing our lives, from the insects that pollinate our food crops to ourresidents’ health and wellbeing. The important economic benefits that all of Norfolk’sinterconnected waterways bring to local communities via recreational use andthrough tourism, are at risk of […]

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  • Is Norfolk ready for the ‘Wildfire Season’
    Is Norfolk ready for the ‘Wildfire Season’? Written in the spring of 2023, Councillor Jamie Osborne tells us about the challenges we need to be prepare for, and what the County Council needs to be doing Suffocating heat and blazing wildfires are now part of Norfolk’s summer. Is the county prepared to prevent the worst […]

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  • The economic importance of protecting nature
    The economic importance of protecting nature Protecting nature isn’t all about cuddling hedgehogs. Green party Councillor Jamie Osborne explains its true value Even if we stopped all greenhouse gas emissions today, the climate would still continue to warm, due to the time-lag that is inherent in the greenhouse gas effect. So, while we have to […]

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  • No future for Gas
    No future for Gas Green Party Councillor Jamie Osborne challenges the accepted think surrounding our use and reliance on fossil fuels Sometimes you have to wonder whether political leaders who advocate getting “every cubic inch of oil and gas” out of the North Sea to provide energy security – as Jacob Rees-Mogg recently proposed – […]

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What we’re doing

  • River Clean 2024
    River Wensum Spring Clean on Saturday the 23rd of March at Anderson’s Meadow  With spring just around the corner and the daffodils blooming along the river it’s time for Norwich Green Party campaigners and the local community to get together on Saturday 23rd March for another clean-up session around the River Wensum.  Starting at 10.30 am […]

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  • Greens ask council to look again at where it banks
    Greens ask council to look again at where it banks – for the climate’s sake Green councillors are calling for money to be shifted away from fossil fuel-funding banks in a motion to Norwich city council. The motion to the full council meeting on 28th November asks that Norwich City Council takes a stance on […]

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    Sewage dumping is filling the River Wensum Greens are leading the fight against water companies dumping raw sewage Recently Cllr Gary Champion and Cllr Gillian Francis brought a motion to the council that focused on how the River Wensum, which meanders its way through our fine city, needs a higher level of protection. However, n […]


  • Save the birds
    Local action needed to save endangered bird population Motion passed by Green councillors while Labour vote against new nest sites Norwich and Mile Cross are lucky enough to be a hot spot for the summer visiting swifts. On the Amber endangered list, there has been a 53% decline between 1995 and 2016. Their food supply is […]

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  • Love Norwich
    Greens demand answers about £100k spent on Love Norwich campaign Our councillors are questioning how a £100,000 fund meant to tackle fly-tipping in Norwich has been spent, as the fly-tipping has nearly doubled in the last year in the city. Fly-tipping is on the rise in Norwich, with 6,000 incidents reported between July 2022 and […]

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