Social Justice in Norwich

We will not achieve a carbon zero economy, unless we make that economy work for everyone, not just the rich. We learnt in the pandemic that people will do the right thing if they can afford to. And if they can’t afford to, they will not be able to do the right thing, whether they want to or not.

Other parties will tell you the solution to poverty is growth, so that the rich get even richer and there are bigger cake crumbs for those at the bottom. But the problem with economic growth is that it requires energy, and we do not yet have enough sources of green energy to do this, while achieving a net zero carbon economy

Which is why the Green Party talks about re balancing the economy, by which we mean changing the distribution of wealth away from the  richest 10% of households who hold 43% of all wealth to the poorest 50%, who have jusr 9%. We dont want bigger cakes, just bigger slices.

But we don’t have to wait for a more favourable government to come along .Listed here are thing the green party supports to make it easier for people to afford a carbon neutral economy

What we’re thinking

  • A Green Development Plan
    A Green Development plan Written in the Spring of 2023, Councillor Jamie Osborne explains the a green approach to developing the local economy We might be heading towards warmer weather, but there is still a spring chill in the air that should remind us of one of the legacies of a winter in lockdown. As […]

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  • An Insulation Taskforce
    An Insulation Taskforce Millions of people are living in homes that are ridiculously expensive to heat. Green councillor Jamie Osborne describes how a Green Party administration in Norwich would tackle this issue Millions simply cannot afford to heat their homes to a decent level. And that is because, with the UK having some of the […]

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  • Ending child poverty
    Ending Child Poverty Keir Starmer said “We can’t end child poverty unless we have more money to do it – and that’s not going to happen, frankly, in the first term of a Labour government.” Child poverty shouldn’t be negotiable.One in three children in Norwich are living in poverty. We need a Government that will […]

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What we’re doing