‘Carbon Tax’ to make polluters pay

29 July 2021

Green Party councillors in Norfolk are calling for a carbon tax to reduce pollution from fossil fuels and provide funds to support a ‘just transition’ from a high carbon economy to a more sustainable low-carbon economy, while ensuring workers’ rights and livelihoods.

Norwich Green Party Statement on Trans Rights

23 July 2021

Norwich Green Party passed a motion to make the following statement at its recent AGM.

Champion Wins Sewell Ward By-Election

18 June 2021

Sewell Ward returned Green candidate Gary Champion with a vote share of 46%, whilst Green candidate Adrian Holmes narrowly missed out for the county council seat.

An “egregious waste of taxpayers’ money”

11 June 2021

The former Green Party leader, Natalie Bennett, today denounced the proposed Western Link road as "an egregious waste of taxpayers’ money and a dangerous example of environmental vandalism”.

Greens Attempt to Save Norfolk Countryside from Vanity Road Project

07 June 2021

Green Party councillors will today attempt to amend a decision by Norfolk County Council to award a contract worth around £190 million to build a large new road to the west of Norwich.

Climate Emergency Declaration Called for by Greens with 'No Time to Waste'

28 May 2021

A new group of councillors are calling for Norfolk County Council to declare a Climate Emergency at their very first meeting.

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