A Vision for Plastic-Free July

23 July 2019

Green Party councillor, Jamie Osborn, is stepping up a campaign to reduce the amount of plastic that is used in Norwich by putting a motion to Norwich City Council. Councillor Osborn’s motion asks the council to support Plastic Free July in 2020, giving organisations and businesses a year to reduce the use of plastic which is often used only once and thrown away.

I Voted Green... Now What?

12 July 2019

UK politics is at a crossroads. Join us on Saturday 3rd August at Anteros Arts Foundation to discuss how the Green Party in Norwich can move up a gear, reach more parts of the city and build a local response to the multiple crises facing us all.

A Plastic-Free Market

09 July 2019

Green Party councillor, Jamie Osborn, is hoping that Norwich City Council will support market traders in Norwich to become the first permanent plastic-free market.

Thickthorn Farce – Where’s the Emergency?

08 July 2019

The government has declared a climate emergency, Norwich City Council has acknowledged a climate emergency. Both are supporting a massive upgrade to the Thickthorn Junction.

Warm Words on Solar Lead to Green Call for Action

25 June 2019

Green councillors in Norwich are welcoming the proposal of a motion in support of community solar power at tonight’s council meeting.

Stairwells blighted by drug paraphernalia and bodily fluids in Norwich

20 June 2019

Green Party councillor Sandra Bogelein is urging Norwich City Council to help residents in the Russell Street area whose lives are blighted by drug-related issues outside their homes.

Greens Tackle Plastic Pollution

20 June 2019

Norwich Green Party campaigners and the local community are getting together to clear litter from the River Wensum and the surrounding area in Norwich on Saturday 22nd June.

Joint Venture Could Secure More Affordable Houses

20 June 2019

Green Party councillors are urging local councils to work together to set fair contributions for affordable housing from developers wanting to build new homes.

Net zero by 2050? A step in the right direction

12 June 2019

Norwich Green Party councillors have welcomed the principle of putting into law a target for net zero carbon emissions, but warn that 2050 as a target year is too late.

Inevitable Cuts

11 June 2019

"The financial year 2019/20 is the ninth year of austerity and government-imposed funding cuts” - Norwich City Council report. This means that the income that the council is sure of over the next few years is not enough to provide all the services it is currently delivering.

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