Secret Services

8 October 2018

Green councillors have expressed concern that the future of hundreds of jobs and millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money will be discussed in secret by Labour councillors at a Cabinet meeting on Wednesday.

Norwich City Council’s Labour Cabinet will discuss the future provision of its contracted services which are currently provided by Norse and include street cleaning, looking after parks and maintaining a number of council-owned buildings in the city.

Green Councillor Denise Carlo said:

“It’s important to maintain confidentiality in certain financial situations. However, with regard to a decision as far-reaching as this and one which will affect hundreds of employees directly, as well as all the residents of the city who depend on delivery of these important services, the Council must act in a transparent way so that taxpayers’ money is not wasted.

“Current Norse employees will be worried about the future of their jobs and any affect these changes might have on their pensions or working conditions. There also seems to be some mystery around the reasons for bringing these services back in house, if that is what’s going to happen.

“Green councillors have plenty of questions to ask behind the scenes, and we will be doing so. We just wish it were possible to make the questions and the answers public.”

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