The Campaign Team

Campaigner Simon Allen
Campaign Manager Debbie Pegg
James Killbery, Activist

Priorities of Mile Cross

The estate of Mile Cross was built in the 1920s, planned as a garden suburb and was one of the first housing estates in Norwich. It was part of the “Homes for Heroes” after World War One and originally housed families relocated after slum clearance from the city centre yards. The estate was developed as a community and included schools, churches, shops, pubs, community centres, allotments and public open spaces. The estate has been added to with 3 tower blocks and other flats in the 1960s. The original part of the estate has been designated a conservation area.

The ward consists of the council estate of Mile Cross as well as older areas of terraced streets closer to the city centre, and broadly encompasses the area from the ring road between the river Wensum and Aylsham Road. The ward is well served with green spaces, encompassing Waterloo Park, Wensum Park and Slough Bottom Park.

Mile Cross Ward has a population of 11200 (2021 census), thats 4673 households, 40% of whom live in rented accommodation, 32% have no access to a car or van, and 38.5% live in fuel poverty. The ward has one of the highest levels of deprivation in the country.

  • News in Brief

    Action to improve our area

    Thank you to over 100 people who signed our petition to save the Lidl on Drayton Road that so many relied on. While we did get a response from the CEO of Lidl, it was not the outcome we hoped for. The site has now been sold and was marketed as being suitable for retail or leisure use or for housing development, a care home or retirement living.

    And thank you to the organising committee for their hard work organising this year’s Mile Cross Festival and for inviting the NR3 Green Team. We enjoyed the opportunity to speak to many residents about green spaces in the community as well as meeting others who are active in Mile Cross.

    We continue to regularly report fly-tipping and other street issues like graffiti, dog mess and overflowing bins that blight our area, as we wait to see if any action from our Labour Norwich City Council will materialise. We have also delivered more replacement street signs across NR3. Let us know if one needs replacing near you!

    After a property on Press Lane was burnt down following months of anti-social behavior, Cllr Alex Catt raised the issue with the local media after the Labour council missed the multiple warnings they had been given.

  • Save the birds

    Local action needed to save endangered bird population

    Norwich and Mile Cross are lucky enough to be a hot spot for the summer visiting swifts. On the Amber endangered list, there has been a 53% decline between 1995 and 2016. Their food supply is falling and there is a lack of nest sites as buildings are updated and new builds exclude them. 

    NR3 Green Councillor Gary Champion has been making nesting boxes

    In June, NR3 Green councillor Gary Champion proposed a motion with practical things the council can do to help boost the swift population. While it gained support from across the council, all Labour councillors voted to reject proposals to include nest sites into new builds, the main way in which we can help these birds.

    These beautiful birds can be supported by wildlife friendly gardens and green spaces which increase their food supply. Some areas have been left to grow for wildlife during ‘No Mow May’ but these are swiftly removed in June meaning the benefit is limited. We will continue to push for nature friendly gardens in council-owned spaces and wildflower planting to support our threatened wildlife.

  • Social Housing Legacy

    We must look after our social housing legacy in Mile Cross

    Huge congratulations to The Common Lot for the success of “The Great Estate” which was enjoyed by approximately 4000 people and celebrated the proud history of building social housing in Norwich. It challenged all in power to tackle the current housing crisis and reminded us all why social housing is such an important part of this area.

    To achieve this the Green Party has clear policies including a mass programme of building new council housing, with secure tenancies and affordable rents for residents. Greens in power would give more rights to private sector renters by introducing a living rent to control rip-off rental prices, implement mandatory licensing for all landlords, and support renter’s unions to stand up against landlord abuses.

    In Norwich we challenge the Labour led council to tackle the appalling backlog of outstanding repairs to council housing, to ensure all social housing meets statutory fire regulations and act on potentially lethal mould, after many residents report radio silence from the Labour council on these serious issues. Your Mile Cross Green Party team have actively been helping residents suffering with these issues and getting the council to act. Get in touch if you need our help!

Labour council in fire door safety blunder again

Hundreds of fire doors in tower blocks have been found to be unsafe

t has come to light that due to shoddy work of council contractors and a lack of accountability from the Labour administration, fire doors in the city’s tower blocks, including those in Mile Cross, are not fit for purpose. All
affected residents have been contacted by the council but access will be required to properties in order to carry out any work.
Green Party campaigner in Mile Cross, Simon Allen said, “After missing thousands of essential safety checks in social housing just last year costing £2 million, we were assured this would not happen again. With news that some doors may not perform as required in the event of a fire, enough is enough. We need to keep people safe“.

Green councillors have been shining a light on this issue and pushing the Labour administration to learn
lessons so this never happens again. They have also asked how much public money will now be lost as a
result of this blunder but the Labour council have refused to say.

Pavement problems

Here is how to report issues:

Since Autumn, pavements have become increasingly hazardous though fallen leaf build up, especially when icy. This can lead to slips and falls adding more pressure to our health service. Report accumulation of leaves to the City Council on

Grit Bins

You may have noticed that there are very few grit bins in Mile Cross that can be used by the public when icy. We shall be campaigning for more. Meanwhile report any problems with them at

A breath of fresh air for Wensum park

Green councillor helps to secure new play equipment for Wensum Park

Your Mile Cross Green Party team care about our wonderful green spaces. Green Party councillor, Sandra Bogelein has successfully fought for new equipment for Wensum Park. The missing slide will now be replaced and play area revitalised ready for children to enjoy all year round.

Mile Cross Green party campaigner Simon Allen commented “This a fantastic achievement by neighbouring Green Party councillor Sandra Bogelein. We also know there has been concern expressed about the state of the toilets and also antisocial behaviour. We will continue to
push for upgraded facilities for everyone”.

Green Party campaigners in Mile Cross continue to report fly-tipping and other street issues. If you are aware of litter, fly-tipping or any antisocial behaviour blighting our fantastic green spaces or streets you can easily report it to Norwich City Council at

Sloughbottom park misses out on funding

No “levelling up” money for one of the country’s most deprived wards

We were are thrilled to hear that the Greater Norwich Growth Board has selected Sloughbottom Park as one of nine projects to benefit from development levies. £850,000 has been allocated towards an £8.5m scheme to breathe new life in the Park.

Unfortunately the government’s levelling up find has not been allocated to Sloughbottom Park. The bid, backed by Chloe Smith, has failed to deliver for Mile Cross,one of the most deprived wards in the country.

Simon and your Mile Cross Green team understand the importance of recreational facilities and will continue to press for a fair deal for our parks

Nature recovery

let’s improve our nature habitats in Mile Cross

Local residents Simon Allen and Debbie Pegg have been talking to residents around Lefroy Road/Bowers Avenue about their green spaces. Lee Cozens from Norfolk Wildlife Simon has been Trust is heading up a Nextdoor Nature project which aims to create new habitats for nature recovery.

Simon and Debbie have been in touch with Lee and are encouraging residents to have their say about
what they would like to see in the area around the flats. You can get in touch with Lee by emailing