Litter Pick Yields Shocking Level of Rubbish near Bishop Bridge

23 October 2018

Green Party activists collecting plastic litter along the banks of the River Wensum on Saturday picked up nearly one hundred and fifty beer cans and five cannisters containing 'sharps' (needles used for injecting drugs) from just one 25-metre stretch of river bank near Bishop Bridge.

Denise Carlo, Leader of the Green Party Group on Norwich City Council, who helped to collect litter around Bishop Bridge said:

“The amount of rubbish collected was shocking and it is unsafe to leave sharps boxes containing needles lying around. Norwich City Council is responsible for collecting litter along the banks of the Wensum and from the river itself. I will be asking the Council to ensure that it properly cleans the banks on a regular basis in future.” 

Thirty-eight volunteers joined in the fourth Norwich Green Party plastic litter collection along the River Wensum through Norwich.

Peter Cutting, the organiser of the Norwich Green Party plastics campaign said:

“The aim is to collect plastic litter from the banks of the Wensum and the river between Barn Road and Carrow Road and stop it from reaching the sea where it is killing marine animals, fish and birds. Hopefully, given the better understanding of the dangers of plastic pollution, people will get the message that they need to put their litter in a bin or take it home and not throw it down on the ground or even worse into the river.”


Litter Pick


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