More Plastic @ Christmas!

21 December 2018

Christmas is a time for giving, sharing and having fun. But what happens to all that non-recyclable plastic packaging when we’ve finished unwrapping everything?

The twenty local families who volunteered to take part in the Green Party community-based project last year have been trying to cut down on their generation of plastic packaging but have still collected an amazing amount.  This will be taken to St Peter’s church hall in Jessopp Road for a community event from 1-4pm on Friday 28thDecember. 

Participants will be decorating clothes and creating a model of a Christmas tree from waste plastic. There’ll be ‘Best and Worst’ examples of plastic packaging and the ‘silliest thing wrapped in plastic’ to laugh at.  We’ll also be making posters and banners and there’ll be displays of ‘plastic facts’; making environmentally friendly choices; alternatives to plastics, and we’ll be recycling what cannot be reused. Everyone is invited to come along and join in the fun plus free light refreshments.

Norwich Green Party campaigner, Jamie Osborn, said:

“Most people are now aware of the environmental damage our increasing use of plastic and its careless disposal is causing.  Studies from all over the world show that plastic can be found everywhere, even in the remotest areas.  Governments need to take the lead by requiring manufacturers and supermarkets to take responsibility for their own packaging and its re-use or disposal but we can also do our bit.” 

Nelson ward Green Party councillor, Denise Carlo said:

“Initiatives like this increase our awareness of what needs to be done and we can all help by cutting down the amount of plastic we buy and by recycling more.”  

This community event is part of Norwich Green Party’s ongoing ‘Plastic in our Environment’ campaign to reduce the amount of waste plastic that is produced, encourage plastic recycling and find alternatives to plastic packaging and single-use plastic items.

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