Voluntary Car Parking Charges in Parks

4 February 2021

Voluntary Car Parking Charges in Parks

Green councillors have suggested a radical approach to provide a solution to the current debate around charging users to park their cars when visiting local parks in Norwich.


Following reductions in Government grants and the economic impacts of coronavirus, the council is looking at various ways of raising much needed extra income. At the same time, under lockdown, the city's residents have less disposable income and fewer options when it comes to travel and recreation. A recent poll in the local press showed a high level of opposition to the introduction of car parking charges in Norwich's parks.


Green Party councillor, Paul Neale, has suggested that city council officers should explore a charging option in local parks which would raise income but without penalising hard-pressed families who are spending so much time indoors due to coronavirus restrictions.


Councillor Neale said:

"Our wonderful parks are great destinations to stroll, exercise, connect with nature or play some sport and because of the pandemic even more people have realised the importance of such facilities. While some of us are lucky enough to live next door to large green spaces, I know there are some parts of the city which are short of green space and parents who live there might need to drive their children to outdoor recreational areas. While I want to see fewer motor vehicles on the road, generally, I don't want to see these families penalised.


"My solution to this conundrum is for meters to be installed to take voluntary parking charges in Norwich's parks so that people have a choice. I wouldn't want to see families given fines for visiting them. Tickets could be issued saying 'Thank you for your kind donation.' It's also essential that the money raised through parking charges is ring-fenced and spent on improving access to green spaces right across the city."



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