Greens look to limit the spread of harmful advertising

12 March 2021

Green Party councillors Martin Schmierer and Jamie Osborn are seeking to persuade Norwich City Council to stop advertising such things as junk food, environmentally polluting products and activities, payday lenders, gambling and alcohol. [1]

Norfolk County Council Burns 180 000 Tonnes of Waste Each Year

08 March 2021

Councillor Paul Neale was “shocked and disappointed” this morning when his fears about recycling in Norwich were confirmed.

Greens select Martin Schmierer as Police and Crime Commissioner candidate

08 March 2021

Councillor Martin Schmierer, has been selected by the Green Party as their candidate for the post of Norfolk Police and Crime Commissioner in this May’s election. If elected, he has promised to use the role to look into tackling the root causes of crime.

Greens respond to “disappointing” budget

05 March 2021

Green Party Councillor for Mancroft Ward in Norwich, Martin Schmierer, responded to the measures outlined by the Chancellor in the budget today, calling them “disappointing and vapid”.

A Green Vision for Environmental Services

27 February 2021

Members of the Green Group on Norwich City Council have expressed delight that funding has been found to install solar panels to produce energy at the council’s new environmental services depot at Hurricane Way following requests from Green councillors. However, Greens, who have asked the Labour council, during meetings at City Hall, to provide services in a less environmentally-damaging way, say this is only the first of many necessary steps.

Greens Ask for Safe Playgrounds

23 February 2021

At this evening's meeting of Norwich City Council, Green councillors will put forward budget amendments, including one to replace the sand in the children's play area near Douro Place in West Pottergate.

Calls for a Fairer Form of Local Taxation

23 February 2021

Green Party councillors in Norwich have highlighted the unfairness of the current council tax system - taxes which in many councils across the UK are estimated to rise another 5% this year.

Greens emphasise further opportunities for retrofitting

18 February 2021

Green councillors have welcomed the allocation of £1.5million for retrofitting and energy efficiency measures in Norwich but say that this money is not enough to meet the scale of the climate emergency. Greens are urging Norwich City Council to actively seek out further sources of funding to scale-up retrofitting in the local economy.

Greens Encourage Gritting of Pavements

12 February 2021

Green Party councillors and members are encouraging residents to help each other by spreading grit on potentially dangerous pavements in the city. During the recent spells of snow and ice, residents from around the city have highlighted the need for more gritting of pavements, as well as roads.

Norwich City Council Urged to Use Mx on Forms

06 February 2021

Green Party councillor Nannette Youssef asked a formal question at Norwich City Council's January meeting, querying why the council's online forms did not give members of the public the opportunity to use the gender-neutral title 'Mx'. Having first been told that the amount of time needed to make the changes was preventing them being made, Councillor Youssef was then shocked to hear a cabinet member describe the inclusion of the title as a 'token gesture'.

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