National Chain Ignores Local Concerns Over Plans for Popular Garden House Pub

30 November 2018

Green Party campaigners in Nelson ward, which covers part of Norwich’s Golden Triangle, are disappointed that EI Group is pushing ahead with its plans for converting the upper floor of the popular Garden House pub on Pembroke Road

Procrastination Committee Strikes Again!

23 November 2018

Norwich City Council is being criticised by a Green councillor for having a gambling statement which is illegally out-of-date.

Council Supports Developers with No Relief for City Communities

12 November 2018

Norwich City Council is planning to change its policies so that developers could pay less to support local communities when large building projects go ahead in the city.

Dismay Over Heigham Park Grass Tennis Approval Recommendation

01 November 2018

Green councillors in Norwich have expressed dismay over the city council planning department’s recommendation for approval for three all-weather courts which would lead to the loss of grass tennis at historic Heigham Park.

St Peter’s Holds the Key to Affordable Housing

29 October 2018

Nelson ward Green campaigner, Paul Neale has spoken out in support of residents of Park Lane and nearby streets who are objecting to a housing scheme which could be built on the site of St Peter’s Church, on Park Lane.

Climate Changes Our Coastline

26 October 2018

The Committee on Climate Change has released a report which investigates the long-term challenges of managing England’s coastline as it is altered by climate change. Green councillors in Norwich are concerned that low-lying areas in Norfolk will be particularly affected by rising sea-levels and coastal erosion.

Greens Give no Credit and Call for Basic Income

26 October 2018

Green Party Co-Leader Slams Universal Credit

Litter Pick Yields Shocking Level of Rubbish near Bishop Bridge

23 October 2018

Green Party activists collecting plastic litter along the banks of the River Wensum on Saturday picked up nearly one hundred and fifty beer cans and five cannisters containing 'sharps' (needles used for injecting drugs) from just one 25-metre stretch of river bank near Bishop Bridge.

Air Quality in Norwich just got worse

23 October 2018

Levels of dangerous particulates and nitrogen dioxide rise

River Wensum Autumn Clean-up

16 October 2018

Norwich Green Party and the local community are continuing their campaign to clear litter from the River Wensum in Norwich on Saturday 20th October.

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